Why We Do This

Our Reason for Being


We believe that all communities can use a place

where discarded, potentially useful resources can be brought and managed responsibly; where business owners and residents alike can learn--by speaking with friendly, knowledgeable neighbors--about resource recovery and how it affects their lives.

We believe that such a place should be iconic in its welcoming spirit and steadfastness to do the right thing by the community; that it engender trust through transparency about both its own practices and those occurring 'downstream', even when no one is watching or when realities are less than ideal.

We believe that all communities can use a place dedicated to shepherding resources back through the local economy; a place that connects neighbors who want to responsibly dispose of materials with those seeking to build and create; fostering innovation, job creation, and community along the way.

We believe that such a place would be a haven for resources and the resourceful, alike; a true Center: trustworthy and welcoming, knowledgeable and innovative, inspiring in its commitment to do the right thing.

We founded RR to be such a place. 

Since 2008, our staff has worked tirelessly to offer North Texans an alternative to landfilling--diverting a wider array of materials (including e-waste, food waste, wood waste, Styrofoam, and much more) during that time than any other company we know of.

We've welcomed thousands of visitors from across the state to our Community Drop-Off Center, worked alongside hundreds of North Texas's most responsible organizations--from growing small businesses to Fortune 500 companies--and participated in some of the region's most celebrated events.

Through it all, our greatest partner has been the local business community, whose patronage of our collection services keeps our company relevant and vibrant, and enables us to fulfill our dual-role as an educator and resource haven for residents. 

This is how we were designed. To foster a culture of recycling, provide outstanding service to businesses that care, and use our success to rally for environmental awareness and good neighborship.

Each day we welcome folks from all walks of life

to our humble (utilitarian!) Community Drop-Off Center. They come to unload their bulky recyclables, take tours, attend classes, and load up on "freebies" (books, boxes, binders, and other useful items that we regularly set aside for visitors). We greet one another, exchange pleasantries and stories, and talk about things like composting, sustainability, Dallas's Zero Waste Ordinance, why the apartment they live in "still doesn't recycle".

Some folks are regulars at our Center. For others, this may be the first time they've ever spoken with someone about recycling. It's not at all uncommon for visitors to come from 50 miles away if they can't responsibly dispose of something like e-waste closer to home.

Our lives are invariably different, but in that moment we are in the same place for the same reason: because we care enough about one another to do what we believe is the right thing to do for this community.

Community is something that feels good. We hope we're always in it, around it, helping to build it and make it better.

That's why we come in here. That's why we do this.

- RR